America’s First Funeral Home Franchise. 

Our mortuary uses a very unique system to offer professional and high quality funeral services. SereniCare works closely with franchisees, teaching our extremely effective marketing techniques to ensure success. Here are just a few of the reasons why owning a SereniCare Funeral Home franchise is appealing to so many:

  • SereniCare is vastly different from other funeral homes. Older, “ma and pa” funeral homes are expensive for the consumer and put too much emphasis on their own foyer or parlor. We’ll show you how to maintain a professional, beautiful atmosphere while passing the savings on to the families you serve -
  • As this large generation of baby boomers starts to pass away, the need for funeral home services throughout the world will skyrocket, as will prices.  Communities are in need of a low cost funeral home that fits the needs of the average American.
  • Trends show our rapidly growing society searching for funeral services are more likely to look for a way to save money than automatically go to the local funeral parlor in town.  SereniCare franchisees can offer an affordable alternative providing better options that make sense for the average American family.
  • The SereniCare team will teach you our unique and extremely powerful methods of advertising using a combination of internet marketing supremacy and hands-on approaches that effectively attract those in need of funeral services.

“We are so glad you offer such respectful, beautiful and caring services at a fair and affordable price. Our mother worried about the costs upon her passing and she’d be very pleased about what we all put together with your kindness and integrity.”

-Children of Connie W.

SereniCare Franchise Model

You will find what we have to say about the industry and how it should be approached, in a business sense, to be insightful and unique.  We have initiated this business model and made it successful for the past 17 years.  It is simple and viable and we have the proof to back up our claims.  Our way of doing business is the wave of the future and will continue to save our clients millions of dollars each year.


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