Thanks very much for the outstanding care you provided for me and my family for my husband's funeral. The kind, gentle care at the "dressing" was exemplary and very much appreciated as well as the guidance and instruction to our sons during the process. You are in a service not as widely acknowledged as it probably should be, but very much appreciated by we who are "survivors". My sincere gratitude and blessings!

Jean S.

The Funeral Business is in constant flux, as are most businesses.  We make adjustments to the way we do business as is necessary.  Most would think that the funeral business is all but guaranteed since death is inevitable for everyone.  But rates of cremations versus traditional burials has spawned a whole new way of doing business in order to make our franchises the most efficient and profitable they can be. Innovations such as funeral/cremations provide opportunities for franchises to be more successful and for families to have a final remembrance of their loved one before the cremation process is finalized.  We are always changing how we conduct business to stay ahead of inevitable fluctuations in the industry.