Lane B. Smith founded SereniCare in response to a personal family experience. He began his career in radio advertising and marketing in the early 1970s, followed by a period of time where he managed the advertising for the U. S. Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service for the Western United States. Lane then spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry as Vice President and General Manager of an in-house advertising agency of a $3.5b pharmaceutical wholesaler. After the pharmaceutical business, he transferred his expertise to the management of marketing and advertising for two regional airlines. In 1999, he founded SereniCare Funeral Home, one of the fastest growing funeral home companies in the western United States.

I had known him since I was four. He played an important part in my life. He was my elementary school principal, my youth advisor at church and later the ecclesiastical leader of the church. And almost 45 years later, he became my step-father. George Voigtlander was a special man.

Our family was thrilled when he married my mother. He was very active, never slowing down. In his mid 70s, we expected him to be with us for many years. Three days before Christmas, he suffered a stroke and wasn’t expected to survive. He entered hospice care and, remarkably, gained enough strength to live for another three months. Then he quietly left us.

The funeral arrangements became a trial. I called many funeral providers and I was amazed at the number of variables involved and the wide range of prices quoted for identical services. These were not easy choices. The final decisions were difficult under stressful times.

There had to be a better way. Families already have enough to deal with. I made it my mission to help others eliminate much of the stress associated with the death of a loved one. This is SereniCare. This is George’s legacy.

We miss him.

Lane B. Smith
Founder, SereniCare