Thank you so much for all your support and care and help as we said our good-byes to our parents.  You helped make the experience much less stressful and you need to know you are appreciated. 

The Bennett Family

The SereniCare Funeral Home brand has become well-known in the areas where we conduct business.  Our proven ability to generate business from the beginning is a system that few existing funeral homes employ in their current business models. 

Because of the way we do business, which is different than most funeral businesses, we are able to generate opportunities from the beginning.  We will show you how to get to your customers more efficiently.  We will also introduce you to vendors that will assist in getting you up and running so that you are able to maximize the opportunities that you face. 

We currently have methods and vendors that make this investment as simple as it can be. You can have a substantial funeral business within a short period of time without having a prohibitive financial obligation and with a minimum of training.

Please note that we will be available to you 24-hours a day if necessary to solve issues that you may encounter.